Welcome to Second Hand Treasures Thrift Store


Second hand stuff is tried and true
One man's loss is another man's gain
Pathway to Victory where seconds becomes first
A thriftshop where seconds become firsts on the way to victory

We are a Community Thrift Store that not only provides economic deals, but also provides a Christian atmosphere, where Gods love and grace are shown.

We believe that the Thrift Store is a door of utterance for people who would not normally visit a church, but come in and sense the presence of God and are drawn to the peace of God in this place.

The Thrift Store is a major part of our ministry.

Not only to provide financially,but more so to minister and love on each person who comes in.

We Welcome all with open arms and would like to thank everyone for there donations and help God Bless you and your family.

Pastor Rick&Carol Mora


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